Plantation Programme

The MRF is originated from the rural background and environments and is deeply concerned about environmental repercussions and its bad effects. The people in general is well experienced about the environmental strong bad impacts on the climate Change because Global warming, irregular Rain fall, natural Disasters, decrease in agricultural productions, etc. are the discouraging factor of progress and development of the Society. In this connection, MRF is sincerely committed and determined to meet a target for plantation of 25,000 saplings in each year supported by the concerned villagers. The plantation was covered in village forests, Community Land, including private lands/orchards etc. Top priority was also given for the village forests in this regard. The plantation made by the individuals is assured with commitment to take care of the planted saplings till there appears a complete growth and survival of the plants during the coming years. The selected plantation done by the particular individuals proved to be successful achievement in case of proper care and attention. The plantations covered are with the species of Casuarinas, Mango, Chakhunda, Eucalypts, Akashi, Gambhari, Tinia etc. Being the local varieties and very much useful for fulfilling the requirements of domestic wood and fuel woods for the people in large scale and simultaneously protection of degraded environment during the coming days. The plantations were done in the district of Cuttack, Khurda, Puri, Mayurbhanja, Koraput, Kendrapra and Jagatsingpur in Odisha State.

 Environment Awareness Programme

The Environment is considered as most sensitive matter for every living being on this Earth. The Environment bad impact and serious effects has been experienced in various walks of life such as Agriculture ,Rainfalls, Water resource, Factories, Productions, Industries and several other Commercial units . In this regard, the TURST could realize the importance of environment protection with the collective initiative of the people living on this earth. Thus, the organization conducted regular awareness campaigns in the identified districts namely: Sundergarh, Khurda, Puri, Angul, Dhenkanal, Kendrapara in Odisha. . During this year we have organized the school children, teachers and volunteers of the respective villages and held rallies in different Gram Panchayats to save the environment by means of individual efforts and collective initiatives. The Students worked as peer educators in this concept. The campaign was made successful through distribution of brochures, fixing big poster and pamphlets on the walls and conspicuous places of the different villages of the concerned district. A total of 12 nos of Campaign in the above six districts were organized in order to sensitize the common people. The beneficiaries involved in this programs are from - Self Help Groups, Mahila Samities, Local NGOs, and CBOs. Around 500 women and 650 men including 200 children participated in the programme.

 Health and Nutrition Programme

“Health Care Service” is considered as a bare necessity of life along with other activities responsible for survival of man in the Society. The Organization has emphasized this programme as essential services for the poor and vulnerable in the society to have timely access into health Care Services provided by the Government at different locations. There is not enough scope and facility to these poor and poverty stricken people particularly SC/ST/OBC/minority and other Socio-economic backward communities to avail such services at the time of their need of the hour. The Government agencies manage the affairs with a group of conscious and designed people who mechanically deal the health care problems of the vulnerable classes and in consequence large sections of people face untimely death and loss of life since they have no means to meet their emergency needs and save their family from such sufferings. MRF could analyse the true problems and difficulties of these people and decided to conduct and organize health Care Camps in remote rural areas where the beneficiaries anxiously welcome to our such beneficial programs and attended the Camps for immediate solutions with free of services and treatment cost. During the year 2017-18 a total of 12nos of Health Care Camps were organized in the district of Kandhamal, Nayagarh, Bolangir, Sonepur and Bargarh district involving 1200 poor people where ( 500 male and 700 female) beneficiaries derived the medical attention .The Registered Medical Practitioners hired by the TURST attended the Health camps for the purpose. The Local PRI Members were invited to witness the Program for encouraging the participants.

MRF organized 04 refresher training programmes for the pregnant and lactating mothers on mother and child health in the districts of Cuttack, Jajpur, Bhadrak and Balsore. 120 women participated in the programme. The local health functionaries such as ANM, ASHA, Anganwadi workers discussed various aspects of health care of the pregnant and lactating mothers and new born babies.

 Swachha Bharat Mission Programme

The organization has been working on the Campaign of “ SWACHHA BAHRAT MISSION being sponsored by the Govt. of India and Odisha. The Campaign was based on Sanitation arrangement in Rural areas for the people living in villages. In addition to this, the organization has been organizing the people for cleaning of streets, School campus, and disposal of solid Waste and Waste waters both at Individual and community level. The Programs are being implemented in the district of Puri, Khurda, Kandhamal, Koraput and Rayagada districts. During the year of 2017-18 , the TRUST has organized the Awareness Campaign with the involvement and participation of School children , Teachers and volunteers of the respective villages including women Groups, Mahila Mandal and held rallies in the different Gram Panchayats. The theme of the campaigns are: to educate the people about process and techniques of Waste disposal and Plastic waste recycling along with waste water disposal and alter the use of plastic with Poly bags to prevent environment bad effects. The TURST has formed Village Development Committees in the project area and established a system for giving special and regular focus towards environment protection. 14 nos of Awareness Campaign were held across the said districts to encourage the people for joining in this campaign for environment protection and Swachha Bharat Mission and clean India.

600 beneficiaries were facilitated in the aforesaid districts to avail the benefits provided by the Govt. for installation of toilets at homes. These resulted in good success as most beneficiaries availed the same.

 Computer Training Programme

MRF has given top priority to the vocational training of the rural youth. In view of the importance of computer in every walks of life and its demand in office and work places the Trust organized for computer training programmes for the unemployed youths including boys and girls in four districts such as Bhadrak, Balasore, Jajpur and Subarnapur. The programme continued for a month and 120 unemployed youths (60 boys and 60 girls) received the training. Some of them have got employment in private companies with the facilitation role of MRF.

 Agricultural Programme

According to recent statistical Reports, out of the total population of Odisha more than 80% of population living in Rural areas depend on agriculture as their principal livelihood. It has been experienced with much tragedy that frequent floods, droughts and other Natural disasters responsible for discouraging the farming society to accept the agriculture as their livelihood program . Because, untimely rains and irregular rain falls destroy the crops prior to reaching in harvesting stage. In this regard, there have been a lot of pathetic and grim affairs experienced by the people because, many more farmer’s death and suicidal episodes are our past records. The matter was seriously taken up and it was decided to organize the farmers of different adopted districts and impart technical trainings about sustainable agriculture. During the reporting year of 2017-18 there are a total of 10 nos of Workshop conducted in the district of Cuttack, Puri, Angul, Kendrapra and Jajpur to sensitize the traditional farmer Groups about various processes and techniques of Sustainable Agriculture and innovative procedures of Crops, applying Seeds, process of low cost cultivation, application and use of indigenous technologies for agricultural purposes. There were a total 600 farmers who participated in the workshops and received the relevant and latest information about agricultural activities and available technologies for improvement of their productivity capacity. In order to educate the trainees Professional & Technical Personnel were invited from different organizations including the respective Dist. Agriculture Offices for successful implementation of the programs.

 Water and Sanitation Programme

The Crisis of drinking water is day by day becoming more critical as revealed from the various media and the sufferings of the people particularly in inaccessible areas is a matter of great concern and needs immediate focus from the point of humanitarian point of view. Availability of safe drinking water in major parts of the State is considered as a matter of great concern & grave crisis. Majority of the people lack practical knowledge about safe drinking water and its use for sake of good health and problem free body. During our base line survey conducted earlier, it was revealed that in rural based areas large nos of people are deprived of availing Safe Drinking Water. Majority of them have no knowledge about what is called as Safe Drinking Water and from where it can be obtained. The necessity of awareness is essentially an effort to save the people from regular infections by using unsafe water and causing a great volume of health hazards and un-necessary expenditures in this regard. It has been experienced that, the people of our project area usually suffer from Water Borne diseases, such as Fevers, diarrhea, scabies, skin diseases, worm problems and other serious disease like hepatitis, typhoid, flu, etc. and the reason is use of unsafe drinking water. Thus, the TURST decided to conduct Workshops regarding use of safe Drinking Water in the district of Sundergarh, Jajpur, Koraput, Malkangiri and Kanhdamal especially where people are unaware of the safe drinking water. There are a total of 12nos of workshops organized in the above districts to sensitize the people about the use and benefits of Safe drinking water. The Workshops were conducted by the Resource Persons like Health Experts, Doctors, and professionals.

 Income Generation Programme

Women Empowerment is the key focus of the programme wherein the women SHGs were empowered to run different trade based business activities to increase their income and sustain their livelihood. MRF in this regard facilitated the groups and linked them with the commercial banks to avail loan to start business in trades such as Stitching& Sewing, Making of Ropes from Sabai Grass, Pot Making, Cane &bamboo, Vegetable vending, Fish vending, Goatery, Poultry farming, dairy milk etc. for the purpose of income generation programs. 20 women groups were involved in these trades during the year. The profits generated were shared by group members. Seeing the successful operation of the business activities the Banks also came forward to support the groups financially. The number of groups covered district wise are; Khurda 05, Puri 05, Kendrapara 05 and Jajpur 05. The field functionaries of MRF provided the backward and forward linkage support to these groups and escorted them for successful operation of their business.

 Watershed Management Programme

Watershed is an integrated concept under which based on water a holistic development of the community could be systematically planned. In this regard MRF made endeavour to establish water harvesting structures such as check dams, gully control measures, water percolation tanks etc. to promote watershed activities. These activities were carried out in dry areas of the states such as Koraput, Malkangiri, Jharsuguda, Bolangir and Kalahandi. 10 mini check dams were constructed on perennial water sources for diverting water for irrigation purpose. Similarly water percolation tanks were constructed in catchment areas for holding water that could recharge the ground water. As a result of these activities the vegetation increased in the area. People have been able to undertake rabi and summer crops using the reserved water. It increased their annual income. About 1000 people mostly the small and marginal farmers have been benefitted out of these programmes.

 Awareness on Child Labour

There is standing regulation and prohibition of child labour act, 1986 enacted to curb the menace of increasing child labour being a sensitive matter in the history of a country. Lots of Schemes, Projects, and Programs already delivered both at State & Central Govt. level but still there are enough incidents of increasing the Child labour status in each State in India. The statistical figures exhibit the percentage of child labour found engaged in hazardous work like: Brick kiln, Construction of Roads and buildings, Hotels, Shops, Business Organizations, and other hard soil digging works etc. despite serious consequences for such owners, employers of Child labourers. The Administration has no feasible mechanism to search and detect their pathetic and sorrowful affairs. Some times after coverage of some print media the matter is reported to be active but subsequently it lost its fuel to work out the massive campaigns against child labour. Looking to these perennial plights of Child Labour the TRUST has opened Child Education Centres at the district Head Quarters of Cuttack,Khurda,Balasore and Jajpur to educate the Child Labourers for their safety and rehabilitation activities which are ensured at Government levels. The Experts from reputed Educational Institutions worked as Instructors at the said centres. The TURST meets the cost of establishment out of its own funds. The Capacity of child centre has been limited to 100 in a session.

 Capacity Building Training

In view of increasing number of SHGs, MRF decided to organize capacity development training programmes for the leaders of the SHGs. The objective is to empower the SHGs to effectively run the business of SHGs. In this regard 20 capacity building training programmes were organized in the districts of Ganjam, Gajapati, Khurda, Puri, Kendrapara and Jajpur. The experts of SHGs imparted the training in the week long training programmes. The contents included costing and pricing, marketing management, accounts keeping, stock record keeping; correspondence etc. 600 SHG leaders got benefits out of this programm.

 Lobby and advocacy

The Organization believes in the theory of Proper Lobby & Advocacy to secure Right based approach basing on the concept of need based services of the deserving masses which cover: small & Marginal Farmers, backward Community, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes, Minority, OBC, Women & Children, neglected parents and deserted women etc. Accordingly, the programme of Lobby & Advocacy through proper Networking was carried out with the participation and involvement of the respective Community, identified beneficiaries, Local PRI Members, Local CBOs, women Groups etc. in the districts of Sundergarh, Jajpur, Jharsuguda, Kalahandi, Sonepur, Angul. The issues such as safe drinking water, child labour, dowry, untouchability, migration, hunger, help for the helpless were taken up for advocacy. In this regard the participating groups took up the matter with the concerned district and state level officials and submitted memorandum for immediate attention. Block level campaigns and awareness programmes were undertaken to sensitize the people and the concerned stakeholders about the emerging issues that need immediate attention for solution.

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