Aim & Objectives

To foster peace & amity among all sections and communities of people and to serve the rural poor - socially, economically and educationally - by promoting educational systems & vocational institutions, developing cottage and village industries, promoting sustainable agriculture and agricultural processing and other need based activities. The specific objectives are as follows;

 To empower women through group mobilization, skill development, awareness building and ensuring their constitutional rights.

 To enhance the status of women in the society by creating a culture of entrepreneurship among women in rural areas

 To develop human potentials and values for an increase in standard of living of the commons.

 To take up programmes/projects on environmental protection, rural development, social forestry, health & sanitation, agriculture and animal husbandry

 To organize family planning camps, MCH camps, health check-up camps, eye camps, blood donation camps, RCH camps etc

 To establish and manage education, training, vocational, professional condensed courses for women.

 To encourage thrift and credit societies through cooperative efforts; create and foster the community services.

 To undertake relief measures in aid to distress people affected by natural calamities.

 To encourage and assist the development of traditional art and craft for providing engagement to rural artisans and their families by helping in production and marketing of their products.

 To educate and empower communities to fight against injustice, oppression, subjugation and gender discrimination

 To popularize science and technology in the community.

 To encourage pisciculture, sericulture, bio-gas plants and other rural industries in the society.

 To establish and run shelter cum rehabilitation homes/centres for aged, widows, destitute, mentally retarded children, physically handicapped and orphans coming from various segments of the society.

 To develop successful models of entrepreneurship for emulation nationwide.

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