Area Of Operation

Maa Ramachandi Foundation is mandated to work in all districts of Odisha and outside. During the reporting period it has focused its activities in the vulnerable and needy areas of different districts in Odisha.

District Block G.Ps Number of villages
Khurda Bolagarh All GPS(19) 216
Khurda Begunia All GPS(10) 50
Khurda Banpur All GPS(10) 50
Cuttack Banki All GPS(10) 50
Cuttack Dampada All GPS(10) 50
Nayagarh Bhapur 5GPS 10
Nayagarh Daspalla 2GPS 5
Nugoan Daspalla 2GPS 10
Total 08 108 GPS 441

Target Group

 Needy scheduled caste and scheduled tribe communities


 Women and children

 Farmers and Fishermen

 Unemployed youth

 Aged and senior Citizens

 Physically Handicapped

Priority Areas of Intervention

 Women and Child development

 Promotion of Environment

 Formation and strengthening of community based organization

 Livelihood promotion through individual and group entrepreneurship venture

 Awareness and education

 Sustainable agriculture

 Human rights

 Lobbying and networking for addressing issues facing the neglected and deprived communities.

 Social Security

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