Mission & Vision


To initiate required action for the integrated development of the marginalized groups through strengthening people’s organization at village and regional level, maintaining proper coordination with Government and non-Government allies associated in the development field, innovating appropriate technology in a planned manner, bringing about environmental equilibrium and upgrading the skills among groups and workers.


To be an efficient and leading development organization in empowering people by indoctrinating necessary changes in the society and establishing justice.


The society has the mandate and the broad objective of promoting the work and life of the poor and needy rural populace belonging to deprived and weaker communities through addressing problems and issues by implementing need based programmes and empowerment of the communities with its own initiative or outside support.

Core Value

 Empathy with the resource poor and needy populace and faith in their capacity.

 Transparency, Accountability and Democratic functioning.

 Secular in character

 Honesty to the values



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